Drain Tile Systems


   Purpose of the drainage system is to collect the groundwater around the foundation of the building, seepage, and water leaks from weak spots of your foundation walls- foundation cracks, honeycombs, tie rods, and pinholes. An interior perimeter drainage system addresses hydrostatic pressure that is, the pressure of groundwater forcing and seeping thru your basement floor cracks, between the concrete floor slab and foundation wall. The perimeter drainage system also protect the substructure from erosion and from losing its load-bearing capacity and stability. In Chicago area and surrounding suburbs this can be an issue with homes that lack this system, or where the harsh Northern Illinois storms have created new issues. Home G Group specialize in servicing and installing Drain Tile Systems for your home. Contact us today for a free quote.

Interior Perimeter Basement Drainage System
Perimeter Drainage System
Interior Perimeter Basement Drainage System

     -Interior perimeter basement drain tile system: a 4" perforated pipe with filter sock and wash gravel around installed right next to the footing of the structure, pitched up and tied it to a sump pump pit.

Interior Perimeter Basement Drainage System
interior perimeter basement drain tile system
Interior Perimeter Basement Drainage System

    -Drainage board between the concrete slab and foundation wall to catch seepage, from the foundation walls and between foundation walls and footing.
        -Vapor barrier is recommend if the walls are going to be finished.