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Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs

Finished basements with water leakage and seepage through foundation cracks or other weak spots of the foundation wall require a different repair method. Utilizing an exterior membrane application will prevent seepage and leaking, which can be made worse by storms and freezing temperatures commonly experienced in the Chicago area.


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Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs
Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs
Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs

Steps for applying the membrane

  • Dig down to the footing by following the foundation crack

  • Clean and dry the surface and prepare the membrane

  • Apply the membrane to areas that will not be exposed to the sun. For areas that are, we use polyurethane caulking

  • Install plastic on the top of the membrane and caulking

  • Start backfilling

  • Use waterstopitch powder between the membrane and the soil for additional protection

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