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Foundation Crack Repairs

Foundation Crack Repairs

Foundation cracks are the most common problem in Chicago, IL. It causes seepage and water leaks into basements and crawl spaces, a result of shifting, moving, and shrinking of the foundation. If these cracks are not repaired, future structural, mold, and poor air quality problems can occur the longer they exist.


Keep in mind that during the Northern Illinois winters, we have temperature drops to a freezing point. When water freezes, it expands, causing cracks to grow.


The most reliable method for fixing the cracks is by injecting the epoxy. The injection stops and fixes a leaking area of the foundation wall by welding the concrete back together and restoring the structural integrity of the foundation wall. The probable areas of leaking include foundation cracks, cold joints, pipe penetrations and intrusions, tie rods, and honeycombs.

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1.Clean Foundation Cracks(not previously repaired)

  • The foundation crack is cleaned with a wire brush

  • The surface is cleaned of dust

Foundation crack repair
  • Injection ports are installed and secured by fast setting surface epoxy

Foundation crack repair
  • After patch dries completely, it is sealed with injection epoxy

Epoxy injection on foundation crack

2.Previously Repaired Foundation Cracks

  • The old patch is removed by using a chipping hammer

  • Create spots for injection ports

Foundation Crack Repair
  • Injection ports are installed with hydraulic cement

Foundation Crack Repair
  • After the patch dries completely, it is sealed with injection epoxy

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