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Membrane Application


Many Chicago homeowners, when facing seepage and leaks through their foundation walls, think that the best way is fixing it from the interior. In addition, many houses in the Chicago land have old porous concrete wall, old brick foundation, concrete blocks foundation and stone foundations that lead to seepage and water leaks.

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Concrete block foundation wall

Most effective way to stop foundation wall seepage and water leaks is with exterior waterproofing membrane application.


Type of the waterproofing membrane depends on the type and condition of the foundation wall. Choosing the right membrane will guarantee you maximum efficiency. Once the waterproofing membrane has been applied to the foundation walls, it is covered with a heavy-duty drainage board. The drainage board protects the membrane from damage and channels the water to the exterior drainage system that lies next to the footing of the building.

Membrane application
Waterproofing Membrane

The exterior waterproofing membrane, drainage board and drainage system are the best solution for waterproofing the basement in the Chicago area.

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