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Foundation Crack Repairs | Basement Seepage | Crawl Space Solutions

Basement Waterproofing Specialists

Located in Northwest Chicago, the Home G Group Inc has over 12 years of experience in waterproofing basements. We provide professional expertise and high-quality repair at competitive prices.

  • Basement crack repairs

  • Interior and exterior drainage systems

  • Crawl space solutions

  • Window well replacements

  • Basement windows replacements

  • Seepage repairs

  • Basement water damage repairs

  • Downspouts extensions

  • Primary and backup sump pump systems installation

  • Foundation crack repairs

Our primary focus is on the foundation and the basement, but we also include other services to assist in protecting your home. A few we provide include the following.

Services Available

Repairs and Replacement

We are skilled in repairing basement cracks, seepage, water damage, and foundation cracks. In addition, when needed, we provide replacement services for basement windows and window wells to either fix or adjust the current installation.

Experts in installing primary and backup sump pump systems, interior and external drainage systems, crawl space encapsulation, external waterproof membrane application, and drain tiles to protect the foundation of your house.

Installation and Application

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