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Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs in Chicago, Illinois. 

 Leaking foundation cracks are common in houses with concrete foundation walls in Chicago, IL. These cracks can cause water seepage and leaks into basements and crawl spaces, making them the most common source of water infiltration. Foundation cracks can occur due to the foundation's shifting, settling, and shrinking. It is essential to note that Northern Illinois experiences harsh winters, with freezing temperatures that can exacerbate the problem. When water freezes inside a foundation crack, it causes the crack to expand, allowing more water to leak into the basement. These cracks can lead to more severe structural issues, poor air quality, and mold growth if left unrepaired. Therefore, addressing any cracks as soon as they appear is crucial to prevent further damage.

  When dealing with finished basements with water leakage and seepage issues due to foundation cracks or other weak spots, epoxy injection is not an option; a unique exterior foundation crack repair method is required. Exterior foundation crack repair involves using and applying a waterproofing membrane over the foundation wall to prevent seepage and leakage, which can otherwise be worsened by storms and freezing temperatures, especially in the Chicago area of Illinois.

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Fixing the Foundation Crack From the Exterior

  • Dig down to the footing by following the foundation crack

  • Scraping the foundation cracks surface from the left soil and drying the foundation walls surface. Clean the surface of the foundation crack with a wire brush

  • Apply the waterproofing membrane to areas not exposed to the sun. For areas that are, we use polyurethane caulking

  • Install plastic on the top of the waterproofing membrane and polyurethane caulking

  • Start backfilling

  • Use waterstopitch powder between the waterproofing membrane and the soil for additional protection

Exterior Foundation Crack Repair
Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs
Exterior Foundation Crack Repair

 Our exterior foundation crack repair service is second to none. We understand the importance of preserving your property's foundation and have over a decade of experience in this specialized area. Trust us to provide the highest quality exterior foundation crack repair services while safeguarding your property.

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