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Transform Your Basement with Our Egress Windows

Egress Windows

  Are you converting your basement into a living space? Our Chicago basement waterproofing company offers egress window installation to meet building code requirements and add safety to your home. Our experienced team will work with you to choose the best location and style of window for your needs and provide a professional installation. Trust us to help you create a safe and comfortable living space in your basement.

  This type of window is a great way to bring natural light into a basement, which can increase the value of a home and potentially expand its square footage. They are typically used in basement bedrooms, providing a safe fire escape route. To comply with regulations, egress windows in basements must meet the requirements set by the International Residential Code. This means that basement windows must meet specific standards to ensure the safety of occupants in case of an emergency.

  • The bottom of the egress window opening cannot exceed 44 inches from the finished floor

  • The clear opening of at least 5.7 square feet

  • The opening width of at least 20 inches

  • Opening height of at least 24 inches


  Additional requirements in the Chicago area vary; it is recommended that you check with the local building department at the City Hall to learn these requirements.


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What is the code for basement egress windows in Illinois?

Egress Windows

​  A window's clear opening should be at least 24 inches high and 20 inches wide. The sill height should not exceed 44 inches above the basement floor. If the sill height is below the ground level, the window must have a well installed. The window well, if required, should have a minimum area of 9 square feet.

  Requirements for construction projects in the Chicago area may differ depending on the suburb or city where you work. It is advisable to check with the local building department at City Hall to learn about any additional requirements that may apply.

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Expert Egress Window Installation for Your Basement Waterproofing Needs

  • Insulation of the Egress Window

  Installing a basement window in your Chicago home is a matter of safety and energy efficiency. Home G Group Inc ensures a perfect fit for your window opening, allowing for insulation foam to be used. This keeps your home insulated and prevents outside weather from seeping in or indoor air from escaping. Trust us to maximize your home's comfort and security.

Cutting an Egress Window
  • Proper Installation and Waterproofing of the Window

  Home G Group Inc. is a reliable and professional choice for basement window installation and waterproofing. We use only the best quality materials, and our team is highly skilled at ensuring that your project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.

  Ensuring the proper installation and waterproofing of the window well is essential to keep the basement dry. The window well must be secured in multiple places to prevent any movement. Specific materials are used to seal the window well externally and internally to prevent seepage and water leaks. 

 After installing the window, polyurethane caulking seals the gap between the window and the foundation wall.

Egress Window Well Installation
  • Protecting the Egress Window from Seepage and Leaks

  Home G Group Inc. specializes in basement windows and is committed to providing high-quality and efficient services to all our customers. We ensure that all the necessary measures are taken to prevent seepage and water leaks by installing a window well drain connected either to the exterior or interior drain tile system. Our team of experts guarantees the protection of your home against water leaks and seepage.

  A functional window well drain guarantees protection against water leaks and seepage.

Window well drain
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