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Foundation Crack Repairs

Basement and Crawl Space Foundation Crack Repairs

  Leaking foundation cracks can cause numerous problems in your home's basement or crawl space. At Home G Group Inc, we provide foundation crack repairs to this common issue in Chicago, IL, homes with concrete foundation walls. Our team of professionals will identify the cause of the seepage and offer a tailored solution to fit your needs. Trust us to fix your foundation cracks and keep your home secure and dry. Foundation wall cracks commonly occur when the foundation shifts, settles or shrinks. These cracks in concrete foundation walls are prevalent in the Chicago area and often lead to water leaks and seepage into basements and crawl spaces. 

  Please remember that the winters in Northern Illinois can be pretty harsh, and temperatures can drop to freezing points. When water freezes inside a foundation crack, it causes the crack to expand, allowing much more water to leak into the basement. If these cracks are left unrepaired, they can lead to future problems such as mold growth, poor air quality, and even more severe structural issues. Therefore, it is vital to take care of any cracks as soon as they appear to avoid any further damage in the future.

   The foundation crack repairs can be done from either the interior or exterior of the building.

  Foundation crack repairs using epoxy injection is the most reliable method for fixing cracks in the foundation wall. This injection process effectively stops and repairs leaks by welding the concrete back together, thereby restoring the wall's structural integrity. The probable areas where leaks occur include foundation cracks, cold joints, pipe penetrations and intrusions, tie rods, and honeycombs.

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1.Clean Foundation Crack Repairs(not previously repaired)

Basement Foundation Crak Repairs
  • Clean the surface of the foundation crack with a wire brush. Make sure the foundation wall crack isn't leaking

  • The surface of the basement foundation crack was cleaned of dust and prepared to secure the injection ports with surface epoxy paste  

Foundation Crack Repair
  • Injection ports are installed, facing the basement foundation wall crack, and secured by fast-setting surface epoxy

Foundation Crack Repair
  • After the patch dries completely, it is sealed with injection epoxy. An important aspect of epoxy injection is the viscosity of the injected epoxy, which should correspond to the size of the foundation crack.

Epoxy Injection on Foundation Crack

2. Foundation Crack Repairs Previously Repaired

Epoxy Injection on Previously Repaired Foundation Cracks
  • The old patch is removed by using a chipping hammer

  • Create spots for injection ports. Depending on the size of the foundation crack, the injection ports should be installed 4 to 5 inches apart and 1 to 2 inches into the basement foundation wall facing the leaking foundation crack.

Foundation Crack Repair
  • Hydraulic cement is used to install injection ports. The foundation wall surface should be wet before the hydraulic cement is applied and installed. It is important to have a perfect bond between the foundation wall surface and hydraulic cement. The patch needs to withstand the pressure created during epoxy injection.


Foundation Crack Repair Using Epoxy Injection
  • After the patch dries completely, it is sealed with injection epoxy

Epoxy Injection on Previously Repaired Foundation Crack

3. Fixing Leaking Foundation Crack 

  A leaking foundation crack can cause significant water damage to your home and compromise its integrity. At Home G Group Inc., we provide foundation crack repair services and ensure your home remains safe and secure. We start our foundation crack repair process by cleaning the crack with a wire brush and using a high-quality sealant to prevent water from penetrating the surface. If the foundation crack is damp or leaking, you cannot use surface epoxy paste to secure the injection ports. This is because the paste requires a completely dry surface. In such cases, you must chip the area around the leaking foundation crack and use hydraulic cement (fast-setting cement) to secure the injection ports. The injection ports should be inserted 1 to 2 inches into the basement foundation wall facing the leaking foundation crack. After the patch dries completely, it is sealed with injection epoxy. An important aspect of foundation crack repair with epoxy injection is to use epoxy with the appropriate viscosity corresponding to the crack's size. Trust us to provide a reliable and effective solution for your foundation crack repair needs.

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