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Leak Over Top of The Foundation Wall (Spillover Issues)

 Water can sometimes get inside a building by flowing over the top of the foundation. This spillover issues is frequently observed in homes that already have some sort of lawn grading problem. A lawn has grading issues if water accumulates in the foundation or forms puddles on your lawn. When water collects and rests near the foundation, it will eventually break through the top of the foundation and the area where your siding or bricks start. As a result, the water will spill inside over the top of the foundation and run down your basement foundation walls.
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Spillover Issues Repair

  A French drainage system with a waterproofing membrane is often necessary when fixing seepage over the foundation wall.

  • Dig, clean, and dry the wall

  • Depending on the wall's tip, repair the brick-and-mortar joints by tuckpointing or replacing the damaged wood.

  • Apply the Waterproofing membrane over the leaking area

  • Protect the waterproofing membrane from the UV light

  • Backfill the area

  • To solve the standing water issue next to the building and poor drainage around the house, you can install a French drain drainage system alongside the building structure and perform some grading work. This will effectively address the problem and improve the drainage system.

Repair on a seepage over the foundation and brick wall

protect waterproofing membrane from uv light
Spillover Issues Repair

Repair on a seepage over the foundation and siding wall

Leak From Top of the Foundation Wall
Waterproofing Membrane

  Don't let spillover issues in your basement go unresolved. Home G Group Inc. offers specialized basement waterproofing services, including solutions for leaks over the top of your foundation wall. Our team of experts will work with you to address your unique needs and ensure your peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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