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Downspout Extensions

Underground Downspout Extensions Services

  Your house downspouts and the pipe from your basement sump pump discharge are some of the primary sources of creating and directing water next to the foundation wall during rain and snowmelt.  Installing a reliable yard drainage system is crucial to keeping your basement dry. Installing underground downspout extensions and sump pump discharge extensions can be very helpful in redirecting water away from your home's foundation to a more suitable location. This extension will increase the distance the water travels, especially when the downspout and basement sump pump discharge don't take the water far enough. As a result, the underground downspout extensions will significantly minimize the chance of water seepage, leaks, water damage, and standing water close to the house or foundation, thereby protecting your home.

  The extensions are buried underground, so the pipes are hidden and won't damage your lawn's appearance.

Underground Downspout Extensions
Underground Extensions for Sump Pump Discharge
Underground Sump Pump and Downspout Extension

Why do you need an underground downspout extension?

  Underground downspout extensions are essential for maintaining your home's foundation and structure. These accessories are designed to control the flow of rainwater from your gutter system and divert it away from your house. Instead of letting the water fall freely to the ground, underground downspout extensions ensure it is directed away from your foundation, protecting your home from potential water damage.

Should downspout extenders be buried?

  It's important to ensure proper lawn drainage, particularly if there are uneven areas or you live in a region with frequent rainfall. When water doesn't flow away from your home, it accumulates and forms puddles near your foundation, which can lead to foundation damage.

4-Inch Pipe for Underground Sump Pump and Downspout Extension
Downspout Extensions

How far should the downspouts extend from the house?

  We recommend that the underground downspout extensions end at least 10 feet away from your foundation. In an area where your lawn naturally slopes, use the slope to improve drainage and redirect water away from your home.

  • Drainage system ending in Pop-up Emitter

  Pop-up Emitters allow water captured through your drainage system to be released in water-safe locations, such as the lower front or back yard area. They are specially designed to open with even a low water flow.

Pop-up Drainage Emitter
  • Drainage system connected to the city storm sewer system

Another option you have is to connect your yard's drainage system to the city storm sewer to remove water. This option is preferable because it helps avoid accumulating standing water in your yard where the downspout extension ends.
However, it is important to contact your city hall building department to check the regulations regarding connecting it.

4-Inch Pipe for Underground Sump Pump and Downspout Extension Connected to City Storm Sewer
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