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Is an interior drain tile system the best solution for your basement waterproofing problems?

Updated: Apr 7

What are the benefits of an interior drain tile system?

Installing a drain tile system is an essential priority for basement waterproofing. Combine it with a sump pump, vapor barrier, and other waterproofing solutions to ensure a long-lasting solution for keeping your basement dry.

What interior drain tile system is?

Chicago's Interior Drain Tile System is the best solution for protecting your home from water damage. Our system consists of a perforated PVC pipe covered with a nylon filter sock to prevent debris from clogging the pipe. This is then placed in a trench and covered with gravel for maximum protection. Trust us to keep your basement dry and safe from harmful water damage.

How does the interior drain tile system work?

Don't let water damage your home. Our interior drain tile system is the best solution for keeping your basement dry and free from water damage. Our system collects and directs water from around the foundation walls and under your basement due to hydrostatic pressure to the sump pit where the pump is located. Our experts will ensure that you receive long-lasting protection for your home.

How do you know if you need interior drain tile?

  • Water is seeping through the cracks in the concrete floor of your basement (hydrostatic pressure).

  • Water is infiltrating through the basement's foundation walls and the basement's concrete floor slab.

  • There is standing water in the ground of your crawl space.


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